Remote Support

LHCLinc provides remote support for private consumers and businesses alike. With our ability to connect to your equipment remotely there is no traveling required, eliminating damaging emissions, saving valuable and limited resources. Remote access allows us to repair or advise you of your equipment status.

Does remote support have benefits for you? Absolutely.

With this unique type of support we offer, there is no need to disconnect and transport your fragile equipment to a service center. Neither does a technician have to drive to your location for every repair or new peripheral install. Not only does this reduce down time for you but it also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will have immediate response from us to get your network repaired. 

Not all equipment or software can be repaired remotely, but imagine if over three quarters could be! Bottom line, it can save you money.

LHCLinc uses remote software to connect to your devices to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Already a client and looking to access remote support?